About Sharon Stelluto


Sharon is the founder of Entelechy Visions and a certified Violet Alchemy Practitioner, with studies in Violet Alchemy continuing education, Sharon has been practicing in the field of healing arts for fifteen years.  As an empathic intuitive she incorporates this energy awareness into her healing work. 


She is certified in space cleansing for homes and businesses, "Dispelling the Dark", she is able to transmute "darker" or "less than light" energies from one's human energy field or home. 

With a background in music, as a singer and pianist, she incorporates sound therapy into her sessions through voice, crystal bowl healing and tuning forks. 

After managing wellness centers, a retreat center and working and practicing in the field of yoga for almost twenty years, Sharon brings this knowledge of health and wellbeing to her practice.  She is also a Level II certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, and professional artist. To view her artwork, information about her intuitive True Self Portrait commissions, and art apparel collections in her online store, you may visit www.sharonstelluto.com


On the Path


In 2005, she studied with Reiki Master, Healer and Shaman, Maggie Wahls, and was attuned to Reiki I and Reiki II. 

While studying Reiki, she experienced a "Dark night of the soul" and went through a several year healing journey through illness. 

Using this energy modality and other various holistic modalities, she returned to health after a long road of soul searching, navigating and studying. This experience helped her understand the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual process that one may go through during illness. 


Inspired by her own healing journey, she pursued an opportunity to manage a wellness center in Philadelphia which practiced Chiropractic Energetics. Here she learned a more in depth understanding of the human energy body and the way it relates to physical ailments. She experienced a several year training here as she learned through the practitioners, mentors and patients.


 During that time, her path of yoga deepened, expanding her knowledge of the practice at a local yoga studio. At this time, she also worked closely with Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts. There she learned a deeper understanding of health, wellbeing and physical anatomy. 


She continued to learn from another energy based Chiropractor. He incorporated energy awareness into his practice with a unique approach of kinesiology and a modality he developed, called  the Electrical Matrix and frequency specific microcurrent system, to address different ailments. This added to her understanding of the human energy field and the way it affects the physical body.


Soon after, she met Dona Ho Lightsey in New York, Dona is the creator of Violet Alchemy Healing, sound healer, channel and mystery school teacher.  She then studied with her for the next ten years, with various trainings, workshops, events and continuing education. 


Sharon then helped manage  internationally renowned CoSM retreat center in the Hudson Valley of New York, she helped develop a program at CoSm of healing arts for guest services and offerings of Violet Alchemy sessions for guests from all over the world. Sharon now offers Intuitive healing sessions and Sound Healing based in Cave Creek, Arizona at the Space and Remote Long Distance sessions internationally.