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Intuitive Healing for Cancer Support offers a holistic approach to your cancer journey.
We have worked with many who have journeyed through cancer and supported with Remote Intuitive Healing sessions, guidance and tools as they navigate this healing journey. 

We do not claim to be a cure for cancer as each person and their soul has their own path and choices when facing this experience. 

There are many perspectives on Cancer and how it originates in the body. However, over years of working with many nationally through this journey and my own background in healthcare and trainings in the fields of energetic healing in relation to the body, this is the perspective that has shaped this support. 
Cancer is often a physical representation of deep blockages found in the energetic field/emotional body and mental body. It varies for each person , however, often it stems from either earlier traumas, emotions that have been unresolved or something that is a potent energetic/emotional pattern that in time has moved into the physical body. The physical body is the densest layer of our system and a representation of what we hold in all of the other layers of our energy system. It is the last layer for unease or "dis"ease to manifest. 

In working with cancer clients, the location of the type of cancer or the organs related to it always uncover deeper seated emotions, energetic blocks and stories related to the roots of the cancer. 
Cancer is a teacher, it is there to show you what is out of balance and to understand what caused this to manifest in your body. Our body is not separate from our energy field, our emotions, our mind and our spirit, it is all connected and cancer doesn't randomly happen to someone, it accumulates with time. 
These can be bold statements to make, as there are many approaches to cancer and also much emotion tied in with this journey.  However, this perspective is  stemming from years of working with cancer clients and the patterns that show up in the energy system and the body related to the location of the cancer. 

 Navigating the cancer journey can be overwhelming and an emotional rollercoaster. We provide for  the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of walking this journey. It is important in seeking this support to be free of expectation for your path but to allow this as a guidance and tool to aid you as you navigate this experience, while also providing more calm, centering and empowerment.  

When we tend to the energy body, we feel more empowered and uplifted with higher perspectives in the healing journey at hand. 

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Intuitive Healing Sessions for Cancer Support are available Remotely.  Remote Energy Healing is just as effective and potent as in person. Learn more about the benefits and the healing modality we use here.  It also allows access to you no matter of your location and healing support while in the comfort of your own home. 


This is facilitated through  an intuitive approach to locate the blocked and stagnant areas within your energy field and body and support for uncovering the patterns within all layers of your energy field that have contributed to the manifestations of cancer. The sessions are governed by your higher self, your guides and what you are ready and willing to look at  and work through. 

This healing approach is safe regardless if you are currently moving through any treatment. It can better support your energy field and uplift as you navigate treatment and also aid your body and energy system as it processes all that is taking place. Sessions are performed while you are laying down in a comfortable space in the privacy of your own home. You may feel more relaxed, sleepy and also calm throughout the session.

We also offer practical tools and tips specific for you, based on your needs and the themes of healing that are present. 

benefits of Intuitive Healing for Cancer Suppor

Intuitive Healing Sessions for Cancer support aid in opening up the energy centers of the human energy field, moving stagnation, emotional, mental, energetic blockages and limiting soul level influences.

When energy can flow more freely in our main chakra centers and meridians this supports our overall wellbeing and aids the healing of the physical body. 

Some benefits of this work but not limited to as each situation is unique to the individual 

*Support in addressing patterns of Emotional/Mental/Energetic/Genetic/Karmic issues related to the Cancer

*Uplifting your energy field with more light and more of your true energy is strengthened as you navigate treatment 

* Releasing lower energy attachments that can accumulate with any physical ailments, impacting overall wellbeing 

*Gaining higher perspectives for the lessons being shown through the cancer 

*Feeling more supported from your guides, your higher self and ancestors as you walk this journey 

*Support for your emotions, mental health as you move through this. Healing tools to aid your emotions/mind/body for any surgeries, preparation, recovery,  symptoms, treatments, appointments, tests

*Tools of support for uplifting mindset, specific for each case but can include exercise, meditation, sound healing, activities, journaling, affirmations, support group suggestions and other helpful recommendations

*Sessions can also support Caregivers for Cancer Patients as they need mental/emotional/energetic and physical support too

(We have worked with various cancer clients with many different types of cancer and at various stages of their journey. If you have any questions regarding this support, contact us directly or schedule a complimentary discovery call below to see if it's the right fit for you)

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