Conscious Co-Creation Sessions     


Do you feel blocked in certain areas of your life?

We are co-creators of our own life path, creating our life through our intentions, our emotions, our energy, beliefs and patterns, consciously and subconsciously. Everything you are currently experiencing is something you created! Even if you are experiencing something you don't enjoy presently, this may be stemming from subconscious patterning that is playing out in our physical reality. As creators, we constantly co-creating with the universe for our life path whether we are aware of this or not. 


The amazing thing is we have the ability to shift our life as co-creators! It is our innate ability to create. Creativity isn’t just specific to art making, creativity is about you as a creator, shaping your life with your intuition, vision, intentions and goals. 

 It also isn’t always about the specific areas of our life, but more about becoming more of our most authentic true self. 

Conscious Co-creation sessions can help you to clarify your path ahead and become more of who you truly are. We can get to the root of what may be blocking you as a creator for your life. 

We can also look at any areas that you would like to shift and create more meaning and flow for your path. Whether that is in your life purpose, work, relationships, finances, direction in life, health, etc. 

We can also uncover beliefs and patterns of each specific area and what may be lying beneath the issues that are keeping you stuck in those areas. 

What to expect in a Conscious Co-Creation Session


Conscious Co-Creation sessions are specifically geared towards you as a co-creator, manifesting and creating your life path. These sessions hold the ability to truly look at areas that you may feel blocked in creating or manifesting in your life, supporting in releasing those blocks and providing the tools and practices that can not only assist in that moment but also to develop a home practice for your co-creator path.  


We will meet before the session to discuss intentions for your path and where you feel blocked, what you would like to shift and what may not be currently working for your desired path. 

If you are presently at a cross roads and are unsure of what you would like to create for your path, this may also be addressed and supported. 


Energywork- Based upon areas of concern, we will dive into each area specifically in collaboration with your higher self, guides and team of light to guide the session. We will see what may be blocking you in those areas, emotionally, energetically, mentally and physically through energy work, dowsing and intuitive guidance. Sessions are conducted laying down on a massage table, while fully clothed. 

Meditations and Visualizations- You may be guided during the session in a meditative visualization of your desired outcome coming true. This can then be practiced at home to further support your path as a co-creator.  


Tools- You will be supported with various tools and practices to use at home to help to create your chosen path more clearly. Each session is different based upon your specific needs. With the guidance of your team of light, your guides and higher self, tools will be revealed relevant to your journey. 





"YOU ARE CREATORS. The cleansing and healing work is important, but shall be balanced with the creator abilities for it is like yin and yang you see, one is more inward and the other is more outward. 


Co-creation is an ability that shapes the outward as does the healing work. Conscious co-creation will sharpen the innate abilities of those who are ready to step up to the plate for this part of the path.


~Channelled message for Conscious Co-creation

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