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               Full Potential Transformation                


Are you ready to take your healing path to another level?


Have you experienced various forms of uncovering your own layers on your healing path but nothing seems to be shifting or moving in a direction that you truly desire?


Have you felt stuck or unhappy or as though you are meant to be doing something else with your life and it hasn't quite unfolded for you yet?

Are you longing for a different career path, relationship, living location, quality of health, wellbeing or a return of joy, lightness and bliss into your life experience? 

Are you ready to finally dive into your own self care and unlock the unlimited potential that you have in this life? 

If you answered yes to these questions, join me on this more in depth journey to transform your life from the inside out. The Full Potential Transformation series of sessions will help to unlock your hidden potential as we journey together on a beautiful and profound adventure of reflection and healing. 


How Does the Full Potential Transformation work?


This is a deeper more committed transformational process of  a series of healing sessions with the focus of transforming specific areas of your life, along with the support of mentoring and regular check-ins to provide tools and assistance during the transformation. 

Think of the process of a plant growing and blooming to fullness. There is a period of seeding and fertilization, germination, sprouting, growth and blossoming. This is the same journey that will be the theme of this process. We will meet initially or connect by phone to discuss your intentions and goals for what you would like support in shifting in your life.  This seeds your intention for the process and you plant the focal point for the journey ahead. Each phase of the journey is the unraveling of this intention, the unfolding of your full blossoming.


These offerings are different from the regular sessions in that you make the full commitment to yourself to step on a powerful journey of transformation with a consistent series of sessions and intention setting. 

With the focal point of what you would like to transform, we will uncover anything that is standing in the way of that, whether that is blockages, beliefs, patterns, energetic attachments, energetic or emotional residue from past experiences or traumas from this life or past lives or even self imposed energies and emotions that may be holding you back or a multitude of influences. Each session builds upon the next and as you shift, your life begins to shift along with each session. Everything in our life stems from what we hold inside, we are the co-creators of our reality. As we grow, transform, elevate and blossom, our life begins to reflect this. 

This journey will be governed by you, your higher self and guides and what is appropriate for your growth and expansion and the timing needed for you specifically. In a series of eight sessions, they can be spread out over many months or a couple months, depending on the guidance of your higher self and your comfort level.

Each session will be scheduled after meeting initially to discuss your intentions and what you would like to transform. 

Included as a support tool for this journey is a weekly check in, offered to you to assess any thoughts, concerns or additional support needed for that week while on this journey of transformation. 

What is included in the Full Potential Transformation Series?

Initial Consultation- Meeting to discuss intentions, Goals, Plan and to Schedule


Eight 90 minute Violet Alchemy Healing sessions- In person in Arizona or long distance. Series of sessions spaced out over a period of time, timing determined in consultation.

Weekly Check-ins- Connecting by phone or e-mail once every week during this process to discuss your concerns and additional support that is needed. I am available as mentor and guide during the entire journey.

Review- Final meeting after the completion of Full Potential Transformation series to reflect on the process and any additional tools needed for the path ahead. 



Full Potential Transformation Series
Payment Plan available

If you are ready to step on this journey, feel free to contact me and we will connect to see if this is this is a fit for you.)