Sound Healing Sessions


We are made up of energy and energy is ultimately frequency and vibration. Sound is also a frequency and vibration. It is scientifically proven that when we use sound as a healing tool, the frequencies within the sound can shift and elevate our own vibrational frequency of our energy fields and our bodies. Sound is an extremely powerful healing tool and has a unique intelligence to shift us on deeply profound levels. 


How Does Sound Healing Work?


Each sound healing tool offers a specific benefit to the energy field and physical body. Here at Entelechy Visions we use a variety of sound healing tools for your experience. We use a range of crystal bowls, tuning forks, gong, a variety of other instruments and the practitioner's voice in order to help to realign the energy centers of the body, bringing you back into balance and peace. 


                                What to Expect

for Sound Healing Sessions?


Sound Healing is an additional healing tool used during Violet Alchemy Healing sessions and also available for a full Sound Healing Session only. During the session you will be guided to lay down clothed on a massage table.  You will then be guided into a meditation  as various instruments are played for the session around you and with light touches on the body with the instruments.


Sound Healing often causes extreme relaxation, peace, balance, feeling lighter, more connected to your true self, open and happier. 

It is common that you may fall asleep during a sound healing due to the balancing and relaxing nature of this work. It is completely normal and may be exactly what your body needs in that moment.

Entelechy Visions and Sound 


With a life long passion for music, we bring over 20 years of experience with sound and music as a classically trained pianist and singer. Sound holds a special place in this practice for it is an element that has aided and shaped this practice in many ways. We love sharing this powerful healing tool and aiding your own path and a return to balance. 


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