Energy Balancing                


Do you need greater clarity on a situation in your life?


Do you need a neutral perspective on a relationship, your life purpose, finances, health, career, place of living or anything that may currently concern you? 

Sometimes we can get stuck in our mental layer of our energy and restricted by our ego based thoughts. This can cloud our thinking and confuse our life direction and life experiences. 


How Does an Intuitive Reading Work?


In conjunction with your higher self, your guides and divine guidance, I work with your support team to receive information for your highest good and healing. Based upon your intention and questions, the information that comes through is a message from your support team and a direct connection to your soul. 

In addition to the messages received, during the reading, practical and grounded explanations are combined with this guidance. 

The readings are done in conjunction with the tool of dowsing and channeled information. 

There is the option to send an e-mail with your questions included and receive a recording of your reading afterward. I also offer these by phone. This can also be an Add-On to any 60 minute In Person Violet Alchemy Healing Session. 

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