Long Distance 

Intuitive Healing Sessions


Everything is energy. Everything and everyone has a frequency. It is an extraordinary gift to be anywhere in the world and to address an energetic imbalance and to wake up the next morning feeling great and ready for a new day. Intuitive Healing sessions can be done over long distances in the comfort of your own home. 


How Does Long Distance Energy Healing Work?


“We are all connected. We are not separate.” It is the connection that allows remote healing energy to be transferred over long distances. I believe there is no time and space when it comes to the healing process and energetic transformation. The potency of Intuitive Healing sessions are profoundly effective regardless of your location. (Read page on Violet Alchemy Healing to learn more about the modality used in Intuitive Healing Sessions.)


                            What to Expect for

Long Distance Intuitive Healing Sessions


The most common way to receive remote healing work with clients is over the phone. However, it is also optional to only communicate to coordinate and discuss the healing session and then be in a quiet, receptive mode during the session away from technology. The issues can be addressed remotely, this method is just as effective as talking on the phone or in person. Often this method is chosen if there is a large time difference or one prefers a recorded session to listen to on their own time. The healing still occurs and intentions are set for the healing to be fully integrated when sleeping. 


Once the Long Distance Intuitive Healing Session is scheduled, you may choose to lie down and meditate in a receptive state. All that is needed is an open mind and the willingness to receive healing. Remote sessions without the phone will receive a full recording on the session via e-mail.


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Violet Alchemy Sessions involve dowsing with Egyptian Therapeutic Pendulums