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Greetings to all! This is the first blog post here on Entelechy Visions website. I actively have a Facebook page for Entelechy Visions where I post regular updates, articles and energetic updates that have helped me and continue to help me on my own journey.

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Since I have been doing this for several years now, I thought what better way to compile a record of all of these updates than in a blog through my site!

I will begin to share these updates on this site as tools, tips and inspirations for your healing path!

Karen Bishop was probably the very first to write about planetary energy updates back in the 90s. She helped me a lot on my path as a sensitive to understand physical/emotional/spiritual/energetic sensations I was having along the way. She no longer posts updates but she resurfaced recently with a message. I share this as the first post, since she originally inspired me to post about updates and inspirations for my path to assist others.

Please check back for regular updates weekly!

With Love and Blessings for your journey~



Karen Bishop’s Long Absence | Winging with Whitehawk

september 7, 2016

Some “first wavers” who’ve been aware of early way-showers (early as in late 90’s – 1st decade of the new millennium) will remember Karen Bishop. Karen shared volumes of her personal ‘ascension’ experiences quite transparently. We were “with her” through a lot of twists and turns. Then Karen basically stopped sharing.

She’s come out of her cave, so to speak, to give us an idea of her current status. Whether you followed her journeys back then or not, you might find this letter of interest. This shift is anything but one size fits all, as we are all now aware… in some cases painfully so. I have to admit, I tend to agree with Karen’s thought that the early wave has had the roughest time with the new energies.

I used to liken this group as the ‘classic cars’ that did not come off the assembly line with all the “newfangled accoutrements” of the new models… the new ones being designed for these energies to begin with. Another analogy might be computers; they can only be upgraded so far before they just can’t go any further without crashing.

Of course cars and computers don’t FEEL as do humans (and all sentients), which adds critical dimensions to the experience. We spiritual writers tend to feel reticent to share the travails; we believe people only want the cheery stuff that boosts their mood. Safe to say, many suffer in silence rather than “let on” to the public.

Here’s Karen’s update.

Love all,


Hello everyone,

Some of you have caringly inquired over the past months about my well-being. Some have been concerned, others have been angry that I had not posted, and yet others intuitively knew that something was amiss and I was struggling. The latter was the case.

I have been experiencing challenges far greater than I could ever have imagined from the new energies which arrived in October of 2014. And these energies have left me in considerable physical pain and with an inability to even sit upright for all these months. But I would like to take this opportunity to explain why this was the case, as it relates to our ongoing unfolding of a very new reality and a new and exciting earth with a brand new positioning in the cosmos. And as has always been the case with ascension, the process has created unusual and interesting outcomes and manifestations for those of us in the forefront of this amazing and never before attempted feat.

We had to move into a space never occupied before, as a planet and as a group of souls inhabiting that planet. The new space vibrated much higher than where we originated, thus. . . . continued and massive purifications were needed, along with a regular dismantling of the old. For me, the most severe part of the dismantling which occurred in October, 2014, created intense energy hitting my body like a wrecking ball in 15 minute to half hour intervals, literally knocking me to the ground where I would be traumatized for several hours afterward. The dismantling energies actually began months earlier, but then they were simply wisps, like a gentle caressing breath. But once we opened into a whole new space and platform in October, we were much closer to the new and needed to align accordingly. We were literally carving out a new space where nothing existed before.

The cleansings and purifications, which arrive from the sun and create a tremendous amount of heat, have been on-going and near constant as we absolutely must stay in alignment with the new with no chance of slipping back into the old. Lots of restructuring going on. . . a new reality in the making. Layers and layers and layers were being removed, and for some of us who have been at this for a while, these on-going purifications really hit our bodies deep within as we had already begun with very little left in the way of boundaries. A great amount of heat is generated when creating something entirely new, along with the advent of burning off the old. So then, great movement requires great heat and forceful energy along with heat creating a burning off of the old. Basically, it has been just plain hot with episodes of burning thrown in for good measure! And all the while we have been integrating the energies of the new as well. No new news here with any of this. Seems like such old and outdated information now anyway as we have moved so far beyond it now!

Now for the fore-runners. How have we/they been affected and why has it been a bit different for us than for others? The fore-runners have the ability to hold a tremendous amount of energy/light within themselves. This is why we many times gain weight during the process (more mass to hold more light) or at other times, for instance during a dismantling phase, lose weight (I have dropped 25 pounds). In addition, because our bodies are morphing into something which vibrates very high, we cannot ingest much of anything as our bodies cannot tolerate much while they are changing into crystalline as is the new grid.

It is precisely because we have the ability to hold so much more light, that some of us have been held back. If we were to move ahead too quickly, we would disrupt the balance (this occurred during the first ascension plan and it is not being allowed to occur again). Thus, many of us have been blocked from moving anywhere. . . . right, left, or forward. It was important that the new grid form with a solid and tightly held together frame in order to support itself and whatever will ultimately be created upon and within it. In this way, everyone on the earth is going along for the journey if they have chosen to stay.

Back to the fore-runners. Because we are in queue at the very front of the line, and because the new world reality has God, the Divine, love (or whatever you prefer) as the air that it breathes, these souls have agreed to commune with God and then turn around and embrace all others who follow. In this, their offerings, whether it be simply as they go about their day or as a literal offering of a service to others, will have the Divine at their core as they will by then, completely embody this loving energy themselves.

Thus, we are being held in check. In a full court press, a full body mammogram, an intense compression that keeps us in place until we reach our intended destination. Add to this the fact that an entirely new reality and grid is in the making and being that we are poised so far out front, without this holding in place, we would be flailing around in the cosmos like Sandra Bullock in Gravity during this transitional time when a whole new grid is being formed in a space of emptiness.

So then, come the challenges. Cannot go anywhere new until there is somewhere to go, and cannot anchor back into the old either. If these fore-runners attempt to anchor in anywhere new before the new grid is ready, it would be like exiting out the side of the birth canal. Premature, grossly uncomfortable, and along with it can come a massive body cleanse in an attempt to create the release and complete freedom needed, and I can attest, these cleansings are none too comfortable. The fore-runners need to be free and clear and attached to nothing until they become completely attached to the Godhead first and then ultimately exit the endlessly long birth canal when the time is right. Like children sitting at the window sill looking out, some of us have had to simply watch the world go by while we remained stuck in the house. But to emphasize once again, an entirely new world was in the making and this was no easy feat!

For those souls who came specifically for this process, we hatched out of our eggs (or cocoons if you will) at the advent of the solstice in June. The long 9 month personal hibernation of restructuring and morphing was then complete. So many on the planet were thrust forward and released at that time, that a massive bottleneck was created. For some, it felt as though we were left behind, that nothing would ever, ever change, and that it was time that we took stock and accepted reality as it was; our bodies still barely functioning, our finances in shambles, no hope to be found. But then quite suddenly, the bottleneck was cleared. Things may have felt better, but we were still held back.

So then, our eggs had hatched but we were still in the nest, unable to spread our wings. With this monumental 9 month feat of new creation now complete, it was time to create a space to place our near new bodies (even though we are still experiencing the effects of newly arriving energies and are not yet rejuvenated or revived). As a planet we had reached critical mass where more light existed than darkness in December of 2014. But it didn’t much matter, it seemed, as nothing much seemed to be changing. At that time there was still much more to be accomplished.

The Lion’s Gate on August 8th and the days preceding and following it created another pivotal point for thrusting forward. It pushed us into a space where we could really see and be present in the new. When the energies of 8:8 began to dissipate, for some, so did the vision and experience of the new, but then we had a most ferocious anchoring in on August 22 and this immense anchoring greatly served to stabilize the grid and the formation of its rungs, thus bringing these spaces back to us once again.

The thrust now is on the creation of the new grid. Much is moving around with the rungs under our feet. There exist many groups and many rungs, all having experiences at differing times. People are changing jobs, geographical locations, and personal relationships are changing. . . all in accordance with an alignment with the new grid. The shifting sands continue to shift. But things are different nonetheless. Instead of the rug continually being pulled out from under us, it is now being put into a more stable base. There is a net now forming, and even so, there are still holes and gaps within it. But it is forming. And when it is strong enough, the fore-runners will be released and for many, given the supports needed for creating a brand new beginning. We can know as well, that during the time the new grid is forming, we will move up, down, sideways, and even seemingly backwards in terms of what we may see as our new creations and very new spaces.

Even so, during this seemingly endless process while still in the canal, God is seeping through, love is arriving, and much is being put into place before the final release. In this way, “everything” will not happen upon the final release as some of it is happening now. In many ways we will be ready beforehand, even though some of us continue to feel acutely depleted, physically broken down, discouraged, and uber crabby. When these intensely uncomfortable holding energies lift, what we have gathered and uncovered until then will blossom like a bulb long buried beneath the ground. We will find that while we thought we were empty and had forgotten much of everything, we will easily remember everything, and know that it has been within us all along. As Theodore Roethke has said, “Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.” And this will be so. So although we have been through so much, perhaps feeling beaten and even abused beyond our ability to cope, we will call our spirits back, our souls will rejoice, and we will become what has long been buried deep within us.

Our new spaces have already been selected. They are patiently waiting for our arrival in a new reality that far exceeds our expectations. For in this way, the Divine Beloved knows far more than we do, and has lined up (and things are doing just that at the moment. . . lining up) a new existence for us that is far greater than we could ever have imagined on our own. We continue, as always, to be held in the wings of angels as this process continues to unfold.

The creation of a brand new reality, an entirely new world with God as its center, comes from the breath of God itself, even though at times it easily seems otherwise. The Divine Beloved is ushering us in, and in this way we can know that all our needs will be perfectly met during stressful times of transition, if even in ways that may surprise us. We need only surrender to this loving presence as it holds us close, rocking our souls in its loving embrace during times of pain and tears, and know that it has never left us and never will. . . as we will, in time, become this loving presence ourselves as we rock the suffering in our own loving arms.

September will be another very pivotal month, and it appears that through the advent of the fall equinox (and on into the end of the year), there is a strong possibility for a much anticipated release for some of us. But nothing is set in stone, and as always, it is entirely up to how things look for the whole at that time. If things have lined up accordingly, and if the new grid is strong enough, this time will be the time of our new birth. Even so, so many of us have learned about acceptance, about gratitude for anything and everything, about continuing to embrace what is, and the wonderful new energy of “everything belongs,” that holding onto an outcome may not hold the lure that it once did. But no matter, as when the time is right, we will by then truly know what is important to us and what it is that we wish to create.

During this time of massive restructuring and continued purification I could not write. I simply did not have the strength and when I attempted to write even that, I was blocked. I would upload a new web page and it would be blank (as was I !). And many times I had absolutely no idea where we were or what was going on as I was so traumatized and so physically uncomfortable, that I could not have written anyway. I had to learn entirely new coping skills which I am still in the process of learning.

Although I will no longer be posting about ascension as I have done for these many years, because I have moved on to fiction writing, I will be writing about the new energies still, just in the form of fictional stories that will continue to bring forth the messages needed during our time of evolution into a new and higher vibrating reality with love at its core, therefore giving a more personal and intimate experience. As some of you may have experienced, the energies coming forth through the Lion’s Gate were quite indescribable, and the feeling and experience of this new and higher vibrating reality is indeed. . .I can only say. . . quite heavenly and nothing short of amazing. I hope to bring these energies to my new offering in a way that is easy to absorb for all. I would love for you to join me!

Thank you all for the many years you have joined me in the past, as we forged our way into new territory and quite beyond. I could not have continued to write without you all by my side. Until we meet again. . .

My heart to yours,


Source: Karen Bishop’s Long Absence | Winging with Whitehawk


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