2016 Finale Compression Energies

As we move toward the last Super Full Moon of this year and the Winter Solstice, we may feel a lot of tension arising in our bodies, our emotions and energy. I know many have felt an irritation within, from others and the collective. People also seem to be driving with a lead foot on the roads and an added frustration. We are a collective and we are so connected, I know we have all been pretty fed up with the nature of events this year, in our own lives and globally. Full Moons tend to bring issues to a head, something that is underlying that needs to come to completion and truth, and a super full moon is like a full moon on steroids. Maybe you have been suppressing an underlying irritation in your life to just keep on keeping on, through difficulties and stressors? I know it is easy to do that because life can be so demanding. Even as we are triggered, we may stuff it inside for later reflection just to keep up with life and our schedules. Sometimes, we may not have later reflection on it at all and it just festers and builds inside. Know that it is okay to feel irritated, we have been through a lot personally and collectively this year. There are healthy ways to release that irritation and in fact it's very important that you do find an outlet. If not, it can turn inward into illness or you can misdirect it at others, strangers, loved ones and cause other issues.

The best way to get pent up frustration out is through movement, get your body moving and release that hidden anger and irritation. Another way is by singing, if you aren't a singer or don't think you can sing, try it in a more private space, in the shower or in the car while driving. We are natural sound healers because we have the ability to shift ourselves with tones. If you have a pillow laying around, grab it and take out that repressed frustration onto the pillow, be careful not to hurt yourself doing it but know that getting this out in a healthy way can have long term affects. You will move about your life more gently, you will treat others better and your mental chatter will be more at ease.

Have you noticed any internal irritation arising within you lately? Maybe it's time to address that and release it in a healthy way, you will thank yourself.

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