Putting to Rest a Part of Ourselves so a New Self Can Rise

Today marks a Full Moon in Aries, there is some tension where decisions need to be made and choices need to be acted upon of where we want to go as we know we have been on a road that we haven’t been aligned with for some time. We have been flailing a bit as we are actually still in the ripples of this summer’s eclipses, which is why things have been somewhat chaotic still. We may have been trying to distract ourselves while we get through this. Sometimes we use distractions so that we don’t have to look at the truth of our emotions or decisions that need to be made.

We have been pretty fed up with situations and challenges, however, we are clearing some really deep seated issues and beliefs that have been preventing us from moving forward.

Why are you still hanging on to situations and relationships and experiences that are not a full yes in your life, if someone is not giving as much as you are giving to them or a situation is feeling weird or off, there is a reason, that is not meant for you, or something is no longer a match to who you have become. If it’s not easy, it’s not meant to be. You may have a fear of taking a leap toward what you want but these times are asking us to have the courage to step toward it so we can move away from what has been familiar but uncomfortable.

Venus is also soon to go retrograde and we are already feeling its effects. Venus is the planet of love, relationship, sex, abundance, value, money and priorities, you may find these themes surfacing and the coming months. We are being faced with putting to rest a part of ourselves so that a new self can rise.


An inspiration for your week. Look at the painting by Botticelli the Birth of Venus, she is naked, vulnerable and surrounded by much and even chaotic winds.This is the process we are going through. The rebirthing process may not be an easy one but in our truest and dissected state we find our pearl for our new self. Venus starts a new cycle and will come with a new beginning in your life. Hang in there, the light is peaking over the horizon.

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