Exposing Truths within the Heart

Life is asking us to keep our eye on the prize and to not get lost in an emotional whirlwind of what may not have happened yet or feeling insecure or depressed about that.

We may have felt somewhat out of sorts lately as so much mental chatter has been arising with this letting go process. For when we let go, we do a lot of reflecting. Reflection is for good reason, it provides answers, insight and a knowing of ourselves.

This week we are also heading into Venus Retrograde in Scorpio for 40 days, this can be a very fragile time as it exposes truths related to the heart on all counts, with all our relationships, whether that is personal, in love, work, friendships and any hidden shadows underneath the mask we wear in the world but also exposing truths around passion, work, value, abundance, purpose and creativity. This time is inviting the question “What do I love and who do I love and how I am giving and receiving love? This can even evoke an exposing of past trauma as we see this beginning to occur on a world stage. So be gentle with your heart space over this next month, channel any revelations of these truths into something productive and healing.

We are also standing on the cliff before the leap into the next step and the heart is the doorway that leads all, the dust needs to be cleared there. All that you have worked toward is dawning, it is happening behind the scenes, trust this. You have been in a birthing of a new you, allow the process of the actual birth and don’t rush it. You are not stuck, you can break out now and step into your magnificence......

Listen to the full update on Inner Monologue podcast. Find the latest episode on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or at www.risephoenix.org

Artwork~ Wendy Mallinow

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