Finding Our Integrity in New Directions

We are only a few days in to a powerful Venus Retrograde, over the course of the next 40 days and 40 nights, we will be moving from the dark into our light in our own personal lives. This is a time of great change and revealing our own happiness and worth while reevaluating all of our relationships and anything that may have become dimmed or foggy in these connections to have a release. there could be a purge or a letting go around this time that can be hurtful but know it is necessary as some things have to change. Venus is the sign of the goddess and our feminine nature, in its reflective mode it's evoking these themes on a world stage. As we go through a heart detox this month, we are seeing that where pain lies in the heart may just be a thin film masking true anger and hurt. This is coming out in a collective way with women's rights.

We have just come out of other planets being retrograde and now we are going through another retrograde period to dive even deeper into our truth, our desires and our direction and who we are. We are pretty exhausted from all of this healing and questioning over the course of the last several months, so this period feels even more so potent, because we’ve already been through soooo much. This year has been no walk in the park. So know that this is the case if you have been feeling challenged or off or uncertain.

However this month is significant because we will find new directions and resolve situations.

This time is calling us for our own integrity and possibly some tough decisions as we go through a clean sweeping of what no longer resonates. This is not only affecting us personally in love, work, money and worth but also on a collective level with all of those areas. This period is also highlighting a period of time where we may have gotten caught up in our stuff and maybe become selfish and not seeing others or knowing truly how we are affecting them......

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Artwork~ Jan Betts

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