Self Care in the Fires of Transformation

How's everyone holding up out there? We are moving through a pretty dense period that feels a bit like a pressure cooker. If you have been feeling it in your own life and wondering what is going on right now, know that this is occurring collectively too. What happened for you this past week, you may have had possible tough conversations, difficult situations or tricky decisions arise, they will shape the themes for the rest of the venus retrograde cycle lasting through Nov 16th. November will bring quite a different flavor to our lives, so use the potency and power that this month is bringing to us, as challenging as it may be, we are being refined in the fires of transformation.

In previous updates, I reflected on this period we were heading into and how fragile and raw it may feel.

We are still in a deep exploration that we are trying to uncover for ourselves. We are making huge decisions in our lives but very very quickly while the pace of life has sped up. Know that all of this intensity is helping us to build our foundations for our lives for the long term though.

Hang in there, know you are never alone and if you are going through a tough time, reach out to a friend, a loved one or even reach out here for support at


Nudge to up the self care. Rest, hydrate, eat well, salt baths, meditation, get out in nature and watch your thoughts. If you get caught in a thought spiral, notice when you do, take deep breaths and come back into your heart space to a place of trust, love and self compassion. Knowing all is well.

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Artwork~ Kelly McKernan

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