Endings Bringing Culmination to Create Space

We were closing out things this past week, life situations and or connections that were hanging on but holding us back. You may be going through sudden changes right now or a new perspective shift. Things are being

removed because they were toxic and they end because they needed to end. We are feeling more freedom due to what we release, we have to let go of the past and what was no longer working.

We are transitioning right now and removing obstacles and stagnation in our lives. This Wednesday we have a Full Moon, putting a culmination on all of this October purging and letting go. We will start to feel our power come back and it will be time to move forward.

There has almost been too much purging over the last six months, but there is always a balance. As we have been exhaling and releasing everything that is no longer resonant or out of alignment with who we have become, this has been very strenuous and at times overwhelming with how much healing and releasing we have been doing. This Full Moon will mark a point where we will begin to inhale again, we will begin to rebuild and welcome in new opportunities and connections that are more in alignment with our lives and who we have become. You have earned this because you created the space and you will start to harvest all the work you have put in.

We are going to go full speed ahead now and so it’s important to let go of indecision and the insecurity of whether we are worthy of a new path. This is truly about self love and acceptance of who we are.


This Venus cycle has been inviting us to look at many themes, let’s talk about sex! Which is one of the potent themes right now. Sex has been distorted in our society. However sacred Sexuality is one of the most powerful and healing experiences we can have in this human body. It is a space to unite with the truth of who we are, in uniting with another, we unite with the divine. If you do not have a partner, that’s okay, we can shape our own relationships around sacred sexuality with our own relationship to the self. Deep healing takes place in sacred sexuality, letting go and being open, vulnerable and free in who we are in this physical form. How are you repressing or opening yourself to this in your life, because ultimately sexual energy is creative, abundant and a reflection of our worth. When this flows, other areas in live do too!

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Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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