Letting Go to Birth Ourselves Anew

This is one of my favorite times of the year with my favorite holiday this week, Halloween. It's a time of embracing our creativity, our passion, sensuality, expression and being comfortable with the shadow side of life. These are all Scorpio themes since we have now entered Scorpio season and are halfway through this underworld journey of Venus and uncovering our worth in relationships, purpose and money. This has been clean sweeping our lives and we are ridding ourselves of something that was ready to be let go and something might have ended for you, if you have been clinging on to something that is not meant for us anymore. You may still be in the throws of release or even grief. But know this is creating space in your life, we will begin to start manifesting the worlds we want, harvesting our efforts.

If you are going into fear at this time, that is your ego running the show, get back into the heart and trust.

You were meant to be here at this time on the planet to offer the gifts that you have in this life and anything leaving your life right now is because you may have been clinging to something that really did not fit you on a soul level.

We are birthing ourselves anew and birth isn't always pretty but the gift of a new life outweighs the messy labor of birth and makes this transformative and possibly uncomfortable experience completely worth it. November will be the dawn of a new day.


As we enter a new month, remember to play in your life as holiday season approaches. Having adventures and new experiences will add lightheartedness to this deeply healing year and take the edge off of anything challenging or life changing that you may be going through. Life is meant to be enjoyed, gift yourself that.

Artwork~ Sylvia Ji

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