Inner Revolution for Planetary Change

We have the midterm elections this week and this time is inviting creativity over reaction. If we find ourselves triggered by what is occurring on a world stage, know that it is like a rock in our shoe that is inspiring actions, creations and an expansion of a new way. Instead of complaining and fueling the negative with the negative, try to create something new. Whether that is community, connection, a project, a new way of thinking, spreading your love and optimism or a multitude of positive ways we can approach these times. It may be easier said than done but we are all connected, the more we react and trigger one another, the more it fuels the true issues. For the outer world is simply a reflection fo what is going on within all of us on a collective level. The change starts by you facing yourself individually and knowing who you are, reframing your thoughts, your perspective and lightening your load from the inside out. This helps to shape the tone for what goes on out there.

This week we also have a New Moon in Scorpio inviting a little more digging into the themes of this Venus retrograde cycle, putting a cap on what we have learned to reshape our worth, our values, our money and relationships. This time is inviting us to align ourselves with what feels right for us and not just leaping at the first opportunity because we desperately want a change. Remember to think with your intuition and not based out of desperation or fear. We are still in this underworld journey but the load of it will lighten as we move further into this month.

This is an elevated time and patterns that have become so outworn that we are more irritated by patterns that keep repeating in our lives. Things may seem to increase as we are addressing these on a much deeper level. Sometimes things feel more accentuated, such as aches and pains before full healing can begin, such is the same with energetic and emotional issues too.


Things will be more amped as we resurrect parts of ourselves and birth ourselves. This will also bring in a new way of giving and receiving, as we may have been imbalanced with this and may not be used to doing more of one or the other. Let this time be one of coming back to balance and trust, watching your inner world and amplifying your self care.

Artwork~ Unknown Artist

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