Time to Reclaim Luck and Abundance

Now that we have entered a new month, we have shed ourselves of so many core woundings and issues that were highlighted for us in the last couple months, we may be so ready for movement at this point but we have to weigh out our opportunities to mak sure that ist is truly in alignment with us.

We are soon leaping into a lot of forward momentum this month but we have to be wise about our moves as life starts picking up. You may have noticed massive doors closing for yourself or those around you and this has been continuing since the start of the Autumn season and has been amplifying even more so as of late. Doors that contained decades of memories, doors that held the presence of loved ones, doors that had strings to old relationships, jobs, situations and friendships that were no longer fitting to who we are now.

Jupiter the planet of luck and abundance just changed signs out of Scorpio where we have been unearthing deep Scorpio themes and riding through some intensity for the good part of this year. Now with this change, lightness will return and will be bringing luck and abundance to us now and through the bulk of 2019. This is not just personal this is collective and the flavor of this is already beginning with the election results and history being made with many of those elected. Think of Jupiter’s tour in Scorpio as a dive into our deepest and darkest shadows, many had quite a difficult year in 2018. Jupiter into its home sign of Sagitturis will be like an emergence into the light, an exploration of possibility, potential and expansion.

We are entering a new period, because when we let go of so much old, it creates space for so much more of the new to rush into our lives. This can evoke fear because the new is unknown but know that when we trust even when something is different or new, we invite expansion in, we invite liberation in and we fuel a path for so much more to flood into our lives.


Let go of the hold that the past has upon you, as you release an old you. Let go of the attachment to things that are leaving or have left your life. The more we accept this instead of latching on to something that is going or gone, we allow the flow of these changes.

Artwork~ Emily Balivet

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