The Limbo Phase During the Holidays

We have finally ended our long journey through Venus Retrograde that unearthed all of the issues around our worth, abundance, career, relationships issues, sex and money. With some heavy hitting revelations and topics, we have been ready to leave this period of deep inner reflection on such potent themes. However, the very day we have exited this cycle, Mercury now takes us through a spin through its usually retrograde motion. This has truly been the year of Retrogrades, so much deep healing and reflection and we are finishing off this powerful year with another inner journey just to be sure we covered it all.

The cosmic irony of this, is to show us that we can now take these next several weeks to reflect on all of this purging we have done over this year and to get honest with ourselves of what we want in the coming year. It is also a limbo phase, as Mercury often invites with this period and in that pause, we can deeply honor ourselves for the strength, courage and resilience it has taken to climb hurdles over this year. We can return to this moment and be patient with this period, allowing us to trust the flow of life without forcing forward action.

It took a lot of power and guts on a deep soul level to traverse this year and that is something that should be congratulated. And this time can be a period of gratitude, not only for the support you may have received from others but for the unwitting power of your own will to keep going in the storms. You are one amazing warrior on your path and that is something to be grateful for.

We are entering the holiday season this week and oftentimes this period can bring a lot of emotion, nostalgia, reflection and at times family drama.

If you find yourself in this space, remember the gratitude of who you are and what you have experienced and made it through this year. Remember the gift of being present in all that life offers. Any challenge, emotion or family trigger is a lesson in disguise. Be mindful of your words with Mercury’s influence this week, good tip to check your words before they exit as miscommunications can occur pretty easily at this time.

We are nearing the last weeks of this potent year, and the flavor of 2019 is already seeping in. Offer gratitude to what this wild year has taught you and know it was shaping you in ways you couldn’t have imagined, all to get you closer to the true you.


Boundaries and breath, family gatherings and even holiday periods can bring a lot of emotion to the surface. Remember your boundaries, it’s okay to say no, step away or not engage in something that doesn’t feel resonant with you. Let your breath carry you through any emotions before reacting, breathe and release.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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