New Doors Opening and a Return to Ourselves

We are moving through the last days of November and feeling this strong desire for big change, almost wanting to make drastic moves to create change stemming from our inner need to want to align more with our purpose and connect more deeply with others.

We may have felt a lot of emotion this past week with the holidays as they have a way of bringing up the past for us, reflecting on what was. The Full Moon may have brought your emotions right up to the surface in a very honest and sensitive way as well. We have been pining for a light at the end of the tunnel and November hasn’t quite provided much of that, but all of that is about to change.

Jupiter, the giver of Gifts and Luck is changing signs today on Monday and will be sparkling blessings into our lives starting now and into the later part of next year. Life is about to get so much more interesting and beautiful, shifting our lives from difficulty and more into opportunity. This period we have been in has been setting us up for the new year and great expansion in our lives. So we want to make sure that the connections and path that we are currently on are truly where we want to be heading and who we want to be surrounded by. This will make a big difference as we enter the new year, for this is your foundation for your expansion. If things are looking really uncertain and weird and you have no idea what you are doing with your life at the moment, don’t fall into fear or worry. We are heading into a time when the silver lining is peaking around the corner. Life is about to get lighter, better, easier and with huge opportunities opening that will allow our lives to be expansive and feel more like ourselves again.


Self Love- Where can you gift yourself with some healthy indulgence? Whether that is a decadent piece of dark chocolate, some self pleasuring, creating something beautiful or inspiring your heart in a way that was dormant,. let your heart come alive in a way that is needed and watch it shed light on your life.

Artwork~ Morgan Davidson

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