2018 Restructured Foundations for 2019 Greater Expansion

We’ve now entered the last month of this powerful year that really has honestly been a weird and challenging year. In my healing practice this year, I have witnessed a collective theme of so many people shifting, letting go of big parts of their lives and enduring great turmoil as well. We are still processing all that we have gone through. It will take the remainder of this year to fully integrate all that we have learned over the course of this year of our worth, value, what we want in our life and what we choose to be part of, and who to be connected to.

We have been restructuring the foundations of our lives to align more with who we truly are and no longer in line with what others want for us or our own limitations and wounds.

These next three months will bring greater expansion for our lives and expansion doesn’t mean a linear journey. There may be days when we are challenged and are having a difficult time. However, we can know that this is temporary and we can use it as a time to build greater trust, resilience and tap into our own inner wisdom to guide us through.

December will still be a rather reflective month as we finish out this year. We are gathering the energy we need for the expansion into our mastery in the new year. All of this clearing, healing, retrograding and inward reflection is not in vain. When you clear the slate so deeply, you are shaping your life to welcome in so much more that is new and more aligned with who you have become. This year has not been the easiest in the least bit and you may be feeling like you can’t take much more. But have faith that divine timing is at play and we are integrating all we have learned this year to ready ourselves for something completely new.


If you have been having a lot of mental chatter and insecurities arising lately, this is all part of the cleansing process and all we have been letting go of this year. This time is inviting us to have greater trust, not only in our lives but ultimately in ourselves. If you are feeling negative about your life, all it takes is a gentle perspective shift. When you notice your thoughts becoming negative, nudge yourself back to a higher perspective. Even if you have to trick yourself at first, you can choose in every moment how you want to focus your thoughts. This shapes your reality.

Artwork~Quentin Deronzier

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