Building Our Lives with a Fresh Slate and New Awareness

We had a New Moon toward the end of last week marking a cosmic reset in our lives and putting a finale point on this latest Mercury Retrograde period which had invited us to dive into the scabs from the wounds that were revealed over the course of this year. Although that sounds brutal, it was a necessary process to undergo so that we could purge some remaining hurts or emotional turmoil that this year dredged up from all that we went through.

This year we have undergone a full deconstruction of ourselves and we were totally broken open in many regards, so we could let go and face our deepest and most raw wounds head on. We were asked to really look at them and not turn away until we surrendered to them and embraced these aspects of ourselves. This process was to be able to understand this side of ourselves to reassess the entirety of our lives and who we are. And as you deconstruct completely, the slate of your life is wiped clean in order to remind you of what matters. Jobs may have fallen away, health, friendships, relationships, locations, etc. This let you get back to your authentic self in the fires of the challenges of this year. Now we get to build ourselves anew with this awareness, this transformation and know exactly how we want to build our life from this point and what we want to take with us into this next phase.

We are still in a perfect pause though as we wrap up this year and December is a celebration of all of that. However, so much is aligning for next year to be moving into our gifts and true purpose and it's important to remember all we have done and not try to pine for things to be different. The pause is so we can see any remaining patterns and beliefs that might be holding us back from our true authentic self and desired path.


We’ve been through a lot this year, how can you better take of your body at the present moment. Do you need more rest? More play? More exercise? A shift in your diet, more hydration? Maybe going to bed early or having some time away from phones and computers? Check in with yourself and listen to what your body needs, shift something if needed. Your body is sending you signals all the time, it’s up to you to listen.

Artwork~ Aykut Aydogdu

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