Big Endings, Beginnings and Breakthroughs

We have the Christmas holiday this week, if you celebrate, we wish you a beautiful holiday, wherever you may be or however you choose to spend it. The holidays can bring up a lot for people, related to family gatherings or a reflection of not having family nearby or around anymore or maybe being disconnected from family for some reason. It’s a time to remember the gratitude and simple gifts we have in our life and being mindful of our thoughts and emotions at this time. I send my compassion and empathy for those who may be struggling at this time of year, we see you and understand. But know, if you are struggling, it is up to you to have the power to shift your awareness. At any given moment, you can choose to go into fear or lack or rather focus on the blessings in your life and what you do have. There are always gifts in our life, it’s up to us of where we want to lay our attention and bring mindfulness to our own mental state and emotions as a co-creator of our wellbeing.

We also had a Full Moon in Cancer over the weekend following the potent Solstice. This may have amped up our emotions, Cancer is a watery sign all about the emotions. As Solstice is already a powerful period of the year, the Full Moon adds a double dose of power and may have invited big endings, breakthroughs, beginnings and even opportunities. We are being guided toward some big choices in our lives and getting ourselves ready to move into greater service in the world.

Yes this time can be about being cozy with friends and family, but bubbling beneath the surface right now is this sense of a greater calling and destined path as we approach this new year.

As we tie up the finale of this year, we are also coming to realizations that we’ve outgrown certain things, like people, family issues, bad habits, places, jobs, etc.

We are moving into a new a phase and year and one that will call upon us to step up into our greater calling and mastery. As we wrap up the old and shed the effects of this year, know that January will start off with another eclipse season and eclipses bring great change with them.


Connect with your intuition this holiday, as you interact with others or have quiet time with yourself, listen to your gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, your body doesn’t lie and you will feel it within. Your energetic power center lies above your naval, if you feel off in that area or contracted when engaging with someone or having a thought, listen to this. You can step away or shift your focus. Listening to your inner world while interacting with the outer world is a unique balance but our soul is always speaking to us and we can choose to listen to find our own internal balance in life situations.

Artwork~Artist Unknown

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