2019 The Powerful Year of Mastery and Forward Movement

It is New Year’s Eve today and we are welcoming in the New Year of 2019 tomorrow. Happy New Year to all! Many of us may have had quite a challenging and rather turbulent year and you might be feeling like don’t let the door hit you on the way out to this year but know that challenge has its purpose and great clearing out and introspection, purging and losses we may have endured is a clean sweeping for a reason. 2019 is bringing great forward movement and in this first week of the new year, we may still feel a bit of the hangover from the year we are leaving, in fact most of the month will invite us to let go of 2018 and release it fully but with a powerful eclipse season in the mix of January, the release will happen pretty quickly as life will be calling us into quite a new space right off the start.

We are now entering the year of mastery, a year of sharing our gifts and our truth out in the world in a more profound and authentic way. It’s a really big year and one of moving into our highest expression for ourselves. We have been setting the foundation for our lives all 2018 and we will now feel more empowered, excited, aligned and confident to share who we are with the world.

Eclipse season has already begun and as we lead up to the first eclipse of 2019, we start the year off with powerful new movement and change. Eclipses are cosmic wild cards and solar eclipses are all about new beginnings. This week the eclipse falls on a New Moon on Jan 5th, so watch what occurs on or surrounding that date for life direction changes and great movement. This is the first of the eclipse sandwich, one later in the month as well. So January will be a powerful month of eclipse season and shifts.


I’m a believer in goal setting but feel we can be mindful of goals no matter what time of year it is and not just at the start of the new year, intentions can be set constantly. So I invite you to have goals in mind with the start of this powerful new year but also be gentle, compassionate and flexible with life as well. Flexibility and compassion in our intentions leaves room to move and change. Have an amazing year ahead and let your awesome self shine in every way this year, the world needs your light.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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