The Real Start to the New Year

As we slough off 2018, we may feel like today is the official start of the new year. Since we have now had a Partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon over the weekend, we have received a reboot, as eclipses shift in dramatic ways and bring in the new, and usually along with some endings. If something has not felt right or aligned for your future and something feels off then things can be shifting with them because it’s shining a light on what is not working. It is time to move into what feels right and true to us rather than compromising ourselves to make something work or force something to fit when it clearly doesn’t. We are officially in between eclipses now and much is due to alter this month. Know that as we move further into this month, we move further into the energy of this new year and it will feel like our clarity and momentum return soon enough. Right now we are still integrating all that transpired last year and readying ourselves for quite a different experience. We may have issues within ourselves that we are so ready to shift, maybe a job, relationship, finances etc. they might be surfacing with more potency in these first couple weeks so we have the opportunity to truly shift them.

This is showing us the opposite of what we want so it inspires us to create what we do want.

We want to make sure we are feeling our best selves for greater forward action soon. Where do you need to pull back and reassess what's important to you? Where do you need to give yourself what you truly need and want without the demands of life in mind. What is it that you need? Is it physical health, emotional, mental, spiritual? Greater play, creativity, rest or laughter? Because your inspired actions this year will start with you and it's up to you to share them from a place of balance. In doing so, we can offer clearer expressions of our gifts.


Anything that needs healing, send it love. We can train our minds to create positive in our lives, instead of focusing on an undesirable current state or lack, focus on acceptance and pour love into it. Anything unhealed is there to show us a new way, love it until it disappears.

Artwork~ Daniela Dahf Henríquez

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