Total Lunar Eclipse, Embrace the Shifts

We have a Super Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse next weekend and everyone is going to feel the potency of this as it packs a lot of power with it. We will feel this shaping our entire week ahead with events, experiences, communications, emotions, etc. Eclipses are cosmic wild cards and bring with them great change. Lunar Eclipses are about releasing or ending

something, letting go. We have been in the eclipse doorway since the solar eclipse on the 5th and this period in between the eclipses has been one of shedding, purging, deep inner work and at times rather uncomfortable with a lot of uncertainty and shifting events.

If you felt that the start to your new year was maybe less than ideal, feeling really off and uncertain about your life, the eclipses are playing a big part in this to clear out remnants of what no longer works for us. This upcoming eclipse asking us to look at the depth and reality of our lives and the direction we are heading, asking us to make sure it is the life we truly want to align ourselves with. It is asking us to move toward things that resonate with us and let go of what doesn’t. It is a good idea to take stock of this before the eclipse, because if something is overdue for an overhaul in your life, the eclipses may do it for you.

The added alignments with this eclipse may deliver lessons with some challenge but all for good reason, to shed light on stuck areas of life.

We have been in a limbo state for the majority of this month, although things are happening, we are laying foundations for long term stability and building so that we can be ready for the forward movement of the greater part of this year. You may have found yourself wondering why this year seems a lot like last year, it definitely isn’t but we need this cosmic clear out to shed the old. There is a seven year chapter closing now, to ready us for a very different reality for the next seven years.


Lessons are part of our lives and eclipses can bring endings to create space for beginnings. Challenge is not negative or positive, it is neutral, is an experience that can lead to a positive. Remember this, it is the label we put on an experience that defines it. What if difficulty leads you to an amazing new door that you couldn’t see before without it. Embrace the shifts, it is always for your highest good.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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