Detoxing What No Longer Works to Create the Life of Your Dreams

We just had the powerful Total Lunar Full Moon Eclipse yesterday and are still in the potent shifts of this catalytic phase as eclipses shift our lives and lunar eclipses bring culmination. What is the culmination in your life? Are you feeling like you are putting to rest one way to begin another? Whether that’s habits, patterns, relationships, locations, jobs, perspective about ourselves or connections in our life, look at what is occurring for you right now and notice themes.

New Beginnings and starts are abound as we are going through a rebirth, the slate was cleared of our old self and everything that you are done with. You are detoxing of these things and the ripples of the eclipse will shape our lives over the year to come. This eclipse period is not just one day, we are in this doorway of change as it moves through our lives on profound and subtle levels. Also know the changes may not show up in the way we imagined and to be open to what shows up for you. This eclipse was like being pushed through the head of a needle, if felt uncomfortable but a pressure release was occurring and there will be clarity following this release.

This is your time to step into this new path and to not hold back from the baggage of the past and who you thought you were. Because you are becoming something completely new, lighter and uplifted than before. Last year really shaped us in ways that we may just be understanding, leading us to this moment to step from one way of being into this new direction. All of January we have been shedding the lessons learned last year and this may have presented itself through your emotions, thoughts or even physical symptoms. This eclipse was like the last phase of the alchemical process from 2018, making sure we have integrated and also rejuvenated ourself for the year ahead.


Gentle reminder to stay in your heart space and out of too much mental chatter. Our minds are on overdrive this month with this eclipse passage. Connect again to your heart and remember that you are loved, you are complete and everything you need is always available for you in exactly the moment you need it, trust the process.

Artwork~ Kelogsloops

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