Time to Raise the Bar on What is Possible

We have gone through a cosmic reset with this last eclipse. This will be moving into our lives and shaping it more in the months to come. Don’t force things to happen at this time as much may still be unclear for your path, let these shifts take place and align yourself to your greater vision as it does. Be patient, sometimes we need to digest our life experiences before catapulting into the new, to empty ourselves to begin again.

This month we have been in the themes of Letting go of what no longer resonates with the support of the eclipses and reevaluating aspects of life. With your ruminating and intention setting, you placed an order to the universe of what you desire, consciously or subconsciously, trust that you will have it soon. The challenges you may have been experiencing are part of the journey to clear the way to receive your order.

In our symbiotic relationship with the seasons, there is an inward quality of winter. If you are spending a lot of time in front of a screen, step away from the screen, and have a balance in your day, maybe read a book, learn something new, or create. New energy and opportunities have been peaking into our lives but there is not the usual fuel to jump start them. Our minds may be in line with the ramping up energy, we are ready to go in our minds but our bodies may be dragging along with hidden fears.

Rise above the fears this month, because If we find the courage to step into something that may inspire some fear within us, that’s where the key lies to our answers.

If there is a doorway that lights up your heart but it simultaneously bubbles up fear inside you, that is what to move toward. Because fear is an illusion and it seems scary because it’s unknown and our ego feels like its losing its grip. The ego can support our path but its our heart that truly leads the way for our soul.

So remember that fear is connected to your ego and the thing that lights you up inside is connected to your soul. It is your choice which one you will listen to ultimately.


Raise the bar, are your intentions and potentials in life limited by what you think you can create or have? Consider raising the bar on what’s possible. You can create and have anything. And a great teacher Thich Naht Hahn once said "Because you are alive, anything is possible".

Artwork~Michael Divine

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