New Moon Breath of Fresh Air

Welcome to February, you made it through the eclipse season! If you spent a lot of time in bed or trudging through life last month half asleep and in the swirl of mental and emotional processing, this was the theme of last month. We also have a New Moon in Aquarius today that puts a finale on the eclipse phase of last month. The year started off with a bang, but all for good reason, to let us release the dross of last year and in fact some very deep core patterns that have been playing out for a long time. All to prepare us for the expansion of this year. The sun is peeking over the horizon again and we are given a breath of fresh air after a lot of stagnation and a seriously testing period.

This new moon is asking us to embrace all that we are, after so much dissecting last month it’s time to start to get excited for possibilities and the new.

We may have lost some of our faith over the last month because it felt like more of 2018. And we may feel in defense and a little battered, but trust that this time is inviting you to reconnect to the trust in the universe to deliver what you need. The seeds planted last April are now ready to sprout. We are soon to enter into great forward movement, as this is 2019 ’s theme, but we needed the cosmic cleanse or dissentigration of the old in order to prepare ourselves to step more into our mastery. If we were clinging onto old ways, we were taught some powerful lessons as of late. And if you are still clinging onto old ways, know that they won’t work with the new expressions for this year. It’s time for new and different, unhindered and authentic.

We are also moving into the Lunar New Year, this week, so things will really start picking up and gaining momentum as we slowly wipe the sleep away from our eyes, we will see that we feel different after so much inner work and we are here to create in more powerful ways than we ever thought possible.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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