"Our Inner Spark is Returning"

This is a time period of new desires and new expressions in our life. We are getting our spark back ever so slowly but surely. If you have been suppressing your inner pioneer, this is a time to begin to let it unleash but also be mindful of how much you forge ahead. The vibe right now is one of wanting to do anything and everything, sharing it with all regardless of whether it bothers someone. This could evoke impulsiveness and provoke irritability too.

But if we suppress our inner truth, our gusto for life, we can stuff it down and it can turn into frustration or anger. So make sure you have a healthy outlet for this added spark of energy and remind yourself to not take things personally if someone else’s suppressed truth irritates you.

There is a restlessness in the air almost like we are standing on the edge of the cliff over a dawning horizon but we have yet to jump and this period seems to keep us in this limbo state with one foot in the old and one foot in the new. We are eager for change, for we have been through much over the last several months. We are eager for ease, and ready to see results from our efforts. Much is evolving and unfolding, We will have more clarity of our direction and anything that is meant for us will be glaringly clear, it will feel right and move effortlessly into our lives.

We are moving into a fiery week ahead and our gears will be gaining speed again.

This month is also about connections and communication, so even as we come out of the fog, we may be finding our tribe is emerging too. Networking is abound and communications are on overdrive. It’s good to set things in motion now before we move into the beginnings of another mercury retrograde soon too.


Are you craving someone, something, or somewhere? Are your desires overtaking your thoughts? What if you flipped your perspective and poured as much desire into your own self love as you do to external circumstances? Because if you choose to put you first, treating yourself as your greatest ally lover and dearest companion, all the outside circumstances move with less resistance and flow more fluidly. It starts with how you speak to yourself, that is putting yourself first, what do you say in your inner world alone to yourself? Is it kind?

If not, give yourself the love you are craving. Give yourself exactly what you desire and watch everything else fall into place.

Artwork~ Tuco Amalfi

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