"Suspended Between the Old and the New"

We have a Super Full Moon this week on the 19th showing us that in order to move forward we have to try something new, something different. In order to expand, we have to step into what may feel unfamiliar and spark some fear in us. If we get anxious, it is our ego trying to hold onto the comfort and regular. But it is in the space of moving beyond our edge that we can expand to the next level and release whatever is holding us back.

We are currently suspended between the old and the new. We have let go of the old but the new hasn't quite solidified. Yet we are moving ever so slowly toward it, plucking away with every daily task to lay our foundations in our dreams. It may currently feel odd and vulnerable because things feel different and unfamiliar and we may no longer resonate with what we used to resonate with, which further reveals how much we have shifted.

This could be a time of depression too bc we want to be expansive but feel limited by this plane of existence with all the responsibilities duties and expectations.

With expansion can come a closer look at our shadow self, because we are putting ourselves out there in a greater way. So we can see this more clearly and larger as we express more. This is a week of coming back to ourselves. We may not have felt ourselves lately and may have felt sluggish or down, but there is a reigniting of our own self love and with others as well this week. We have been undergoing a lot of tests but we are at the very last experience before it shifts. Don’t decide to give up or take steps back, just keep going because it’s coming over the horizon.


How do you handle your own uncomfortable emotions? Do you let your mind race and spin? Do you get sucked into a whirl pool of your own anxieties, doubts and fears? What if every time that occurred, you checked in with yourself, and invited yourself to come back to a place of surrender and trust. We have the power to direct our thoughts and we also have the power to uplift ourselves. You are safe, all is well and the more your trust and find peace within, the more your life reflects that.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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