"Let Go and Allow the Unexpected In"

Keep an open mind this week and go with the flow rather than resisting or going into fear when something isn’t moving forward in the way that you want it to. When we try to control, manipulate or over push our lives or circumstances, we create resistance to the very thing we are trying to shift. I heard a phrase this week that was perfect for this “Learn to honor the trickle”, in other words, learn to embrace this and be okay with times when life is more inward or things aren’t flooding into your life in a large wave. Whether that is opportunities, abundance, social situations, etc. There are moments of life that are like a trickle and other times that balance that out with a flood of expansion.

So let go from over pushing, there is a lot of emotion and mental processing right now as a theme, so our minds may go into fear with that intensity. But remember to trust the process and the larger plan at play. Sometimes timing is key for things to move more fluidly in our lives, and every person and situation is unique to them for this.

We also have Mercury already in its shadow phase, meaning that it is getting set to begin its retrograde and we may already be feeling it with communication and technology mishaps and reflection.

This particular retrograde may be a potent one as it passes through the sign of the underworld, inviting introspection about our dreams in life. It is also highlighting who may have our best interest in mind and who doesn’t. This will weed out who is for your highest good and invite gratitude in for your loyal tribe who has your back, even if it's a select few, we can always be grateful for what we have. Allow the process because it rides between truth and fantasy, highlighting what may feel authentic and what may feel false for our lives and even our own personal path and sense of self. Try not to make any bold decisions til after its finale come April when the dust settles a bit more.


Self Care as an act of devotion. If you don’t currently have a self care routine, such as exercise, meditation, spending time in nature, healthy eating, etc., I invite you to implement one. Even if it means just 20 minutes of yoga a couple times a week or 5 minutes of meditation a day, having this self care routine, will be like an anchor for you in the waves of life. Even if you fall off your self care routine, remember how good it makes you feel and gently return to it. It’s highest form of love you can give yourself.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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