Big Energetic Shifts, Time to Wipe the Sleep From Your Eyes

Welcome to the new month of March! This month is really going to feel like we can finally start to get our gears moving after the slow, sleepy and purging start to this new year. Sometimes we have to take stock of where we have been and what we have gone through before we move forward again, January and February served just that. As March moves along we will be wiping the sleep away from our eyes and momentum will build again.

We have a big energetic shift occurring this week on the 5th, an alignment that has been with us for a total of seven years. Uranus the planet of unexpected changes and upheaval was in Aries during this period, causing big changes and radical shifts in our lives related to our identity, the self and the shaping of our expressions in the world. With this there was a rise in social media, shaping our personas online, even selfies became a thing.

Aries is a fiery and independent sign and all about the self. If you have Aires in your chart, likely you have felt many bold shifts in your life, wondering how to find your footing in the last seven years, as we all have been affected by this as well. This planet will now be moving into Taurus this week which is a sign all about the earth, the collective, security, finances and even the food we eat. We may notice climate topics getting more highlighted over the next seven years, as well as agriculture, how our food is produced and also earth changes and weather patterns. Our finances will be highlighted on a personal and collective way, it could mean some shifts in our financial systems at large moving more toward electronic payments completely.

On the same day we have Mercury going retrograde and you may have already been seeing the usual communication and technology difficulties during Mercurys dance. Although I dove deeper into this in the last update, this retrograde is a bit different, allowing us to dive into our dreams and path ahead, uncovering what is our truth and what is no longer aligned, not only for our vision but our tribe as well.


Embrace the wisdom in the mystery. We are still in a bit of a hallway in our lives there, floating in the in between space with some uncertainty. As momentum builds again, trust that this is occurring as the mystery of the unknown is still present. Find the lesson in the mystery and don’t rush or force outcomes, everything has it’s timing and whatever is meant for you and your life will show up with ease.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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