Moving Toward the Spring Equinox, Expanding While Shedding

As we dive deeper into this month’s Mercury Retrograde cycle in a very emotional sign of Picses, an old phase of life is dying away and slowing down to completion. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac so it embodies a time period of our entire year we just went through, before beginning the new phase of the beginning sign of Aries. It is a completion and reflection sign synonymous with over sensitivity. With all of our emotions close to the surface, we can feel like we are hyper sensitive right now. We are shedding an old skin to release the past and the winter season itself. It can be a very tender moment between the thawing of winter right before the renewal and blooming of spring.

Within that space may lie some friction, because this energy within the shedding is the very movement that is needed to sprout and rebirth ourselves. So allow the shedding, surrender to this very moment of uncertainty before expansion. It is wise to not force things right now, even if you are fed up with a lack of movement. Life is calling for us to flow with this watery element and allow the organic unfoldment of what’s occurring not only within nature but within ourselves. Life is cyclical and everything is temporary.

There is also a busy body energy beneath all of our emotions right now building in momentum, calling us to keep going and to not give up. It’s an interesting dichotomy right now of being pulled forward and also wanting to just sit and feel into our emotions.

We are being prepped for Spring and its renewal. The Spring Equinox is around the corner on the 21st and it will be all systems go after the Equinox. So use this time wisely to vision your path ahead and give yourself space for the healing taking place.

This shedding and reflecting period may be evoking some self doubt, depression and lethargy with all the emotion arising and releasing of our past. So remember that healing is underway and know that you are also still on the right track, even if the results aren’t apparent. Also know it is up to you to be the governor of your own mental state. Listen to what your inner world wants to reveal to you and allow it the space to unfold.


If you get caught in a state of depression, try one simple act to move yourself toward more levity. Step outside, smell nature, go for a walk, talk to a friend, journal it out, watch a funny movie, listen to uplifting music, take a bath, have a warm cup of tea. Every small act is a reminder that you can do this, and all is passing.

Artwork~ Teagan White

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