Post Equinox Detox and April Momentum Building

How are you feeling after the Equinox and Super Full Moon last week. With greater light anchored into us at this shift, you may have felt greater release of emotions and stuck energies within. We sometimes go through a bit of a spiritual detox when we pass through these powerful energetic shift points in order to prepare us to expand even more on our path and in the world. The equinox may have brought things up to the surface that we thought was hidden but is now revealed. We are still in the potency of that passage and it marked a huge culmination point for our lives and collectively. This is a massive chapter shift for us all and it all occurred during a mercury retrograde which may have had a dose of reality and truth to it as well.

We are having a personal rebirth at this time, releasing old stories and past selves because we are no longer who we were and we are creating space for what will be in alignment with who we are now. This time period is getting us back to what we value but with a rocket fuel in our lives to take actions to move us forward through difficult situations or anywhere we are stuck. There are also some survival issues coming up right now as well, possibly in our finances or as an individual or a business, it’s helping us to be innovative, determined and to test our commitment to our path.

Although we are a bit battle weary, beaten and exhausted, we are having to be more selective of where we put our energy and what we are involved in. This is a good time to come back to what is important, what is for our highest good and choosing to be involved in what is necessary for us while letting go of what may be added unnecessary burdens. This retrograde is still occurring this week and it’s highlighting what is for us and what is not for us. We are at the tail end of the retrograde and there is an exciting new movement into the new momentum of all systems go. This momentum will build more as move into this next month and you may have already felt it following the Equinox. As we enter April and the fiery energy of Aries, we will have this rocket fuel even more on our side.


Momentum is what we have all been craving after the weird and slow start to the year but just be mindful of taking care of yourself as this action packed movement takes place. What are you saying yes to, who are you saying yes to, what are you spending your time on, how are you spending your time and where can you pull in to take care of you within the spectrum of this expansion. It all starts with your internal balance first.

Artwork~ Andy Gilmore

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