New Moon in Aries, All Systems Go

I know we are all feeling grateful that March has now passed, never to be experienced again. With this underworld journey and great purging of this past month, you may have witnessed a lot of chaos either going on in your life personally or for those around you. It was as though mini tornados of transitions, shifts, endings, things breaking, new insights, etc were popping up everywhere. The mini tornados served a purpose to release old energy or something that had been building and bubbling beneath the surface for quite some time, now coming up for release.

Mercury also went direct out of its retrograde this past week and you may ben wondering what you just went through over the last several weeks in this watery fog of mercury’s influence. It was a rather inward journey and was another inward dive on top of several inward dives we have had over the course of the last year and a half.

With that being said, we may be so done with all the inward reflections and healing and purging that we are finding some irritation arising presently.

Usually when mercury goes direct it alleviates the intensity of the inner reflection, communication, technology mishaps and chaos but we are still hanging in its fog for the first part of this week. However we are moving toward the New Moon this week on the 5th and you will find that the New Moon puts a finale on the more difficult experience of March and the last several months for that matter. This is the large chapter we are entering that I’ve been speaking about in the last several reports, so we had to have the deep purging in order to be ready for all the great opportunities ready to flow into our lives.

This will be a powerful month ahead, not just personally but collectively as well as we now have the momentum of this fire sign of Aries on our side and are moving toward the warmer months of more sunlight. A huge incoming support will arrive from the universe for our lives, and a big chapter of hardship is behind us. It’s time to start feeling like ourselves again.


If you are having a tricky time this week as our lives still feel uncertain and a little off in the beginning of this month, remember to come back to your breath, check in with yourself and connect to your inner truth. Nothing can sway you or affect you if you feel calm, centered and in your own balance. When in doubt go within.

Artwork~ Edouard Janssens

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