Next Chapter Begins, Lighter Days Ahead

We just had the New Moon in Aries last week, marking the beginning of the next chapter of our lives. It also highlighted relationships, business and personal and whether they are in alignment with our true soul mission.

We came here on earth at this time period of acceleration for a specific reason, we chose that on a soul level. It is time to step more into our mastery and not hold back from sharing our gifts. So it is important to surround ourselves with the individuals who are also aligned our path and who feel resonant to be around. If something feels off, it probably is, trust your instinct as you encounter new people and opportunities. Energy discernment is important as everything becomes more heightened within and around us. This period is a prep for next year as we move into more accelerated levels as a planet, letting go of an old world to build a new one.

You may have been feeling like you just want to put to rest what you went through in the last several months and there has been some impatience as you want to rush to get to your desires and goals. This may be highlighting some survival issues and teaching us to remember our truth and value what is important in our life right now.

Instead of rushing, allow, let the pieces of the puzzle line up for your life and trust that you will have what you need.

This week will be so much lighter and will feel like we have the bounce back in our step. Our communications will flow with more ease and clarity. However, this will be a very action packed week that is setting the tone for the new doors opening to fully manifest. This is a week of action, co-creating, collaborating, communicating and inspiration. Remember that anything that shows up this week to tend is a stepping stone to these new doors.


As we accelerate after being somewhat numb from the period we are coming out of, remember to come back into your heart and into your body. With so much reflection and cleansing and innerwork we have done, our minds have been on hyper speed and a lot of anxiety still lingering. Come back into your heart and body with meditation and exercise or to get out in nature. Try a meditation app or visit Entelechy Visions Youtube channel for free guided meditations.

Artwork~ Tuco Amalfi

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