Full Moon in Libra, Relationship Truths Revealed

We have a Full Moon in Libra this week on the 19th which is highlighting all of our relationships in our life, business and personal, inviting more balance in how we connect with one another. This may not be an easy passage as it may reveal truths that have been bubbling beneath the surface and even things we have been reflecting upon for many months., now coming up to light under this moon.

There are some rather harsh aspects right now asking us to make powerful choice points. We have been in a period of death and rebirth in our lives and the two are merging now as the old is leaving just as the new is entering. So these choice points could be certain transitions you are going through or choosing to shift something you know needs changing. Sort out what is working and what isn’t working.

This could be a time of emotional upheavals so try staying in a neutral mindset, so that you don’t get swayed by the changing tides. Focus on what is possible and entering your life rather than on what is leaving.

Up-leveling your life in these choices or choosing something out of comfort because you're afraid to move to the next level. We could also be breaking a pattern in this decision, by not going back to our past or something familiar and comfortable and instead choosing something unfamiliar and new because we are expanding and growing beyond these fears.

We are striving forward with one foot in front of the other to move toward creating something new, keeping on the path, even when things are uncertain. This is not a time to give up because we are at the event horizon. Don’t worry, try and surrender and trust, knowing that all is well. You are aligning with a more authentic you and all that isn’t resonant with that is being released. This choice point will lead to our harvest and reaping the victories of our efforts after a possibly difficult period of great stress.


Focus on the positive and what is going right in your life, because the more we can remain optimistic and not fall into worry or fear, the more we align with the right path for ourselves. There are always blessings and gifts amidst change, focus on them and watch your path change to one of clarity and ease, instead of resistance.

You are divinely supported, you are loved, all is well.

Artwork~ Unknown Artist

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