The Winds of Change Are Blowing

We just had the Full Moon in Libra which was bringing game changing relationship issues and identity issues within relating to the surface for a powerful release. This was like a final dance with a really old self.

It was almost like a geiser going off on these deep seated relationship and identity truths. This was a big turning point of change. We are still in a deconstruction phase where anything that doesn’t have a strong footing in our life is going to topple over, very similar to what occurred with Notre Dame this past week, as sad as that was, it is symbolic to this deconstruction taking place collectively and in our lives. Allow the letting go and allow what’s coming in to come in, give yourself the room to breathe through these changes.

So many of us are in a transitional phase right now and have been through much lately. This is a time of great trust, and this full moon invited in more of this trust and knowing that everything is going to be okay.

This week we celebrate Earth Day which has followed Easter. Even if you don’t celebrate, this theme of rebirth is very present in our lives just connected to nature and the growth taking place. An old self has been put to rest, so we could rise into a new self in time for harvest season or May Day which is celebrated on May 1st in some traditions. There is no mistake that our lives are undergoing these transformations at this time of rebirth and know that this tough gateway is a blessing

We are moving toward greater opportunities in our lives as we enter Taurus season this week, the earth sign will help us to ground our visions and dreams, we will feel more rooted and feel like we are more of our true self again.


Trust in your own internal barometer as change takes place. Connect to your own intuition and higher self within, you will know the difference from your ego because it will be an inner voice that is free of fear. Sift through the mental chatter and go within, connect with your heart and ask your higher self any question for your path. The strong clear fearless answer is your true self speaking. The stronger we can build this trust and rely on our own internal barometer, the more we can face the winds of change with stability and strength.

Artwork~Gabriel Moreno

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