May New Moon and Coping in These Escalating Times

We have a New Moon this week on the 4th, highlighting hope and new beginnings, this is a very gentle opening and also creative start. It’s about coming back to our hearts and being more playful in our lives. We also have May Day this week, a day to honor harvest and this theme is playing out in our lives of emerging and birthing.

We also have Saturn and Pluto now retrograde on a six month journey. Pluto brings up the shadow self and Saturn is the great taskmaster of structures and growth bringing old stuff coming up to the surface, old wounds, old patterns, childhood memories. This will invite us to break old patterns and insecurities. It may be a time that highlights our worth and value in the world, it can also shift our relationship to financial security, personally and collectively.

We are also being invited to embrace letting go of people, things and places that may be holding us back or contributing in unhealthy ways to our life experience. This is a time to find acceptance with setting healthy boundaries and standing in your truth with authenticity.

These are escalating times in the world and people are going through a lot right now in their lives and maybe wanting to escape from responsibilities due to overwhelm or the amount of releasing we are doing. Find time for this new playful energy coming in, find time for adventure, creativity, joy and expression. There is a rush of energy this month and quick forward movement as we feel relieved after a difficult period with obstacles removed. There may be big shifts this week that impact our lives in long awaited ways, there is a dedication to wanting to figure life out right now, but allow the organic unfolding from all of your past efforts.


Remember that everyday you can wake, expecting the unexpected. Like the feeling you get before a vacation or exciting opportunity. We can cultivate that daily regardless of what is occurring. We can get stuck in routine and monotony and we forget to feel excited for the potentials of our day. Remember excitement for your day and watch how it shapes your life.

Artwork~ Elisa Riemer

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