Surge of Creativity and Abundance

We are coming off of a potent new moon you may have found that there were potent emotional or physical releases in your life surrounding this new moon, or powerful revelations as the elements of your life were highlighted with a dose of reality. You may continue to have these releases this week as we move into a month of heart opening.

May already has a different kind of energy than previous months and things are moving very quickly. We are being called to rise even more to our mission with great potency , and this may be causing you to question a lot in your life right now. Coupling this with our journey into Saturn and Pluto retrograde now in place, we are putting the pedal to the metal and put in the work for our long term stability and this could be a harsher kind of energy at the moment as we are placing one stone steadily at a time, so the foundations of our efforts are strong and secure for the months to come. We will be reaping awards of our efforts shortly and this month will really highlight our abundance, our worth and creativity as well.

This month will be very heart opening as well, allowing us to continue on this Saturn and Pluto retrograde journey of removing any obstacles on our path to our greatness while also having a wave of hope, faith, trust, compassion and greater appreciation for our path ahead. We can’t go back to an old life or old way of being, that has been put to rest. Even if we are questioning everything, we have to remember to believe in our magnificence and trust the road ahead, we can only move forward and this period is a time of moving through anything that may be blocking our path ahead.


There is so much creativity pulsing through us this month that we may feel called to start a project, try something new, and move more toward our desires, passions and purpose. Listen to that surge of creative energy occurring within you and see it as a nudge to engage in something that feels enlivening to your soul. Creativity immediately lights up the heart center and fills you with life.

Artwork~ Travis Bedel

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