Tides Are Turning, Finding Calm in the Busyness

There has been a lot of frenetic energy lately and we will continue to feel this busy period of our lives as the speed of this month picks up even more. You may feel like your to do list is really long and you are tending to many many things in your life right now. With so much occurring at such a rapid speed, it could feel a little overwhelming and take a toll on our nervous systems, so make sure you are finding a balance within it all.

We can lose ourselves in that whirlwind and what feels important to ourselves, so find some time to fit yourself into your schedule and take periods to devote to what you need.

If things haven’t been going well lately, know that things are shifting and turning around in your favor, the tides are turning after a very difficult period and positive energy is coming in that will uplift you.

We have been undergoing a period of looking at our past, old patterns, relationships, wounds, so this has been a rather fragile period as we excavate all of this but it is like a spring cleaning for our lives. We are letting go of old patterns and old ways of doing things in our lives, our relationships, work, money, health, habits, worth, self image, etc. The old ways won’t work anymore for the path ahead. So allow the release and let go of whatever has been due for an overhaul in your life.

Taurus season has been teaching us our relationship with grounded earthly existence, survival issues, money, worth, structure and how we approach this in our lives.

We may have found that worth and abundance issues have been arising lately or some extra bills have been popping up. All for good reason, to shine a light on our worth and to help us shape long term security goals around these concepts for ourselves.

We also have a Full moon in Scorpio this week further highlighting these releases, cutting away the dead weight and completing old chapters so we can be ready to expand even more in the summer months ahead


In yoga a term proprioception is sometimes used as a perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body. Where can you incorporate proprioception into your own daily life? While you are going about your day, do some regular check-ins and see how your body feels. Are you tight, scrunching your shoulders up, hunched over, jaw clenched, forehead scrunched? These are signs of held tension and stress in the body. Try to relax these areas, loosen up and watch your mind’s tension ease as a result.

Artwork~Artist Unknown

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