A Beautiful Breakthrough in Time for Summer

We had the Scorpio Full Moon over the weekend and you may have felt extra sensitive leading up to this moon. This moon was closing off a Scorpio cycle of death and rebirth that began in October 2012. So you may be feeling this one even more given this aspect. You may be emerging from a transformation that completely dissected and rebuilt you at the same time from 2012 until now. Scorpio is the sign of death and birth happening at the same time, so you may be feeling this in your life right now. What is rising from the ashes of your old self? What is being born right now for you? What are you creating? These themes are being highlighted in the collective with women's rights issues this past week.

This period has also truly been highlighting our worth, our energy and our time and how we spend our time and energy. It is also focusing on what we spend in our lives and what we focus that spending on. This is ultimately about self love and how we view our worth and what we value in our lives. We also have some Venusian themes right now of experiencing the beauty of life, the enjoyment of what you desire and upleveling your life experience to match who you have become. Love and sensuality is also getting highlighted. We are now truly feeling the gears of life moving after a long period of confusion stress and uncertainty. This period is finally lifting and we are experiencing some assurance from all of our efforts.


There is a lot of heart healing and sexual healing taking place this month. If you're moving through your own process, allow yourself the room to move through it. Move your body, exercise, journal, experience modalities or self care that will support you through the process. Our heart holds a higher intelligence for ourselves and our life path, this process will ripple out into all areas of your life.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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