Get Ready for a Powerful Summer Ahead

We are wrapping up this month and entering into the summer months ahead and Gemini season. This month will allow us to feel more alive and inspired wanting to connect with others more and mimic the symbiosis of what’s occurring in nature. This is a more optimistic energy.

However lying beneath that is an undercurrent of sensitivity still as we continue to look at our own inner woundings. We are still reflecting upon any identity wounds that may be arising right now, seeing origins of patterns and pain from earlier on in life. There may be a lot of heightened emotion within you and with others at this time as our mental chatter is on overdrive within the mirror of this inner work. So go gently with yourself, find the rhythm between your outward expressions and your inward self care time.

As the season calls for us to be more outward, we will find ourselves dancing with what arises and navigating the terrain of our inner world and outer world in each given moment as these aspects present themselves. It’s a good reminder to let go of expectations this month and allow yourself more room for this fluid movement to take place.

We are completing a chapter that began about 10 months ago with the finale of this week. So look back at what was beginning or occurring for you at that time and see that this is coming to a culmination. As we associate June with the summer months, we are also entering a completely new season and new expression for ourselves.

Any inner work we do now, will be like a skin we shed to allow more light in and step more fully into our truth of who we are. The momentum and pace of this month will continue to build and as we enter Eclipse season in July, we have a powerful and beautiful transformative summer ahead.


How is your relationship with your mind? Do you let it spin in circles without any awareness of what is occurring? Do you allow negative thoughts to run the show or maybe a victim state? I invite you to bring awareness to your thoughts. Your thoughts hold power to shape your reality, because what you believe is true, becomes your truth.

Witness your thoughts and catch yourself if they are not uplifting thoughts. The moment they move in that direction, gently nudge yourself back to a place of trust, truth, thankfulness and ease. All is well and you have the power to ease your own mental process.

Artwork~ Willy Gomez

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