June's New Moon and Summer Expansion

Welcome to the Summer Months! let’s take a moment and reflect upon the power and quickness of the month we just left. May surely was filled with twists and turns that kept us on our toes and had a momentum to it that made our lives very busy. This was all leading up to this New Moon on June 3rd, opening up a door to a Liberation Energy or somewhat of a breakthrough or relief.

New Moons are all about new beginnings and this moon starts the summer season off on the right foot. Helping us to feel more optimistic, lighter and ready for more play in our lives. We still have this undercurrent of sensitivity occurring in our lives through the month of June. So you may find that you are still working through some patterns this month and could have moments of possible triggering, anger or irritation arising within. If so, know that this is a cleansing of old energy or an old pattern and it is creating space for you to move into a new space or a new way of being.

When we feel anger or irritation, find healthy ways to channel and sit with it to see what it is trying to teach you.

We may find that we are in an in between space this month, having let go of an old life and not quite solidified in who we have now become. There may be a dance of our light and dark as we all move through our own sensitivities and inner work.

As we work through our deeper seated issues with more depth and thoroughness, this is based on the quickening we are undergoing as growth on the planet.

When we uplevel individually and collectively, there is usually a clearing of the old, after new energy comes in. When we feel potent emotions coming up for us, especially out of nowhere, it could be an indication of old energy surfacing. When we release it, we then rise to a new level and the pattern repeats as we keep bumping up to new levels. This will increase even more as this year goes on as we move toward 2020 and some very significant planetary alignments in the coming year.


Are you truly listening to what your body needs? As we move through emotions and thoughts on our healing path, is becomes increasingly more important to take care of your body in more optimal ways so that your energy and healing processes move more easily. What habits have you been wanting to shift for a long time but have been putting off? Can you begin an exercise routine, or change one to better enhance your physical experience. Where can you shift what you are putting into your body? Be gentle with yourself but also mindful, and treat it like the most loving and cherished container, because it is your home.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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