Preparation Phase for Eclipse Season Next Month

We had the New Moon last week that opened up a passage to begin the eclipse season which occurs next month. This entire month of June is preparing us for next month with the eclipses. This Gemini new moon brought in a lot of mental chatter, Gemini rules the mind and you may have found anything that you have been suppressing and pushing down and haven’t wanted to accept or embrace as a truth for you, now coming up personally and will be collectively as well.

This mental energy has brought about a lot of reflection and has been revealing different perspectives within us toward different parts of our life that may be out of balance. You might have even found yourself revisiting the past lately as well, old relationships, friendships, experiences, in order to release any attachment to them.

We have a big powerful summer of this occurring of subconscious stuff that we have been shoving done, now coming up and out to be released. As challenging as that may be to have increased mental chatter, now that that it’s on its way out and it’s creating space for us to move to expand even more on our path.

We have a potent second half of June toward the Summer Solstice and leading into the first Eclipse on July 2nd. Eclipses are cosmic wild cards and bring about changes and shifts into our lives, all for the highest good. If there is a change or something that you have been wanting to shift but have been putting it off, it’s a good idea to take some steps toward shifting it. Because eclipses can tend to shift things for us if we have been putting something off that has been calling for change in our lives. Remember to take some time to rest, play, be in joy, soak up the sweetness of life this summer, go easy and gentle on yourself and others and remember we don’t have to take life so seriously all the time.


This is a good time to watch your mental health and know that any fears you may have arising are connected to the ego and past patterns, beliefs and issues we may have on a subconscious level that is asking for healing. When we bring awareness to this within, we start to know ourselves and can operate more out of trust and less by our unhealed patterns. Bring stillness to your daily routine, let this be an anchor for you, there you will find the answers.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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