Powerful Full Moon and Summer Solstice Week

We start this week off with a powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius Sunday into Monday. This Full Moon is about optimism, expansion and adeventure, wanting to break out of stagnation and the norm.

This moon stirs the pot of our subconscious so we can move through whatever is residing there that we haven't looked at fully. It is also helping us to set boundaries and stay true to ourselves in the face of any triggers or old ways. It ’s interesting how this Moon is on the tail of Father’s Day, Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

When we are around our family, we can experience so many triggers and buttons being pushed and even old ways or agendas being imposed on us. This period is asking us to stick to our truth instead of letting an old system decide something for us, whether that is personally or collectively. Move away from drama, be mindful of your own reactions and know when to step away so things don't escalate. We have some big lessons completing right now especially in terms of old patterns with family.

As this week builds we move toward the Summer Solstice in the later part of the week. The Solstice points are potent energy periods and the Solstice is the longest day of the year, the fullest expansion of light. With the Solstice, we are led into the eclipse season at the beginning of July. We may already be feeling this in our lives

You may have felt a lack luster in life or feeling stuck or uncertain of your next step. It’s as though we are in a still point before eclipse season begins and a lot of shifting takes place in our lives.

This is a good thing, as we will be unleveling our lives to match our worth and new experiences for our path, inviting more self awareness.Notice what occurs for you surrounding the Full Moon on Sunday and Monday, this could reveal the themes of what you will be working with during Eclipse Season next month.


We all have a relationship with our Father’s whether that is pleasant or uncomfortable, we all stem from our own patriarchal influence in our lives. Father’s Day can be a reminder of this relationship and may bring up much surrounding this connection, regardless of the quality of our connection with our dad’s, we are all influenced by this relationship, even if they are not present in our lives or have passed. Give thanks for this connection, even if it is convoluted for you. Our fathers were raising in the way that they knew how in that present moment, no matter how it looked. Their history shaped our history and brought us into this world in order to share our truth in the world.

Artwork~ Brian Kirhagis

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