The Purpose of Heavy June and the New Chapter of Eclipse Season

The whole past week we were feeling the ripples of the full moon that felt like five full moons in one, based on the surrounding aspects. Did anything pop up for you surrounding this full moon? We also had the official start to the Summer Season last Friday of the Solstice and there was some pressure cooker energy in our lives all week leading up to the Solstice that was anything but comfortable. This may have brought up subconscious fears to the surface and deep emotional processing, shining a light on whatever we are still holding on to that is preventing us from standing in our truth.

We are leaving big month of a lot of mental energy and excavating, but June was necessary, so we could really let go and release. We have been facing fears in order to move through them and transform them. We have been readying ourselves for what eclipse season will be bringing us for new chapters and to step more into sharing our truth, and we couldn’t do that with old dead weight we may have been carrying around that was limiting us, which is why June has been so heavy.

A lot of momentum is building up to the eclipse, and it’s a Solar Eclipse which is all about new beginnings. We will talk more about the eclipses in next week’s update but know if you are feeling weird, off, thoughts erratic, emotions up and down, life looks odd, awkward and uncertain, you are not alone. This is why I share these updates because of the impact these energetic periods can have on all of our lives. It reflects upon the root of how things are panning out and why we may feel the way we do at a certain period.


There may be a lot going on in our inner worlds right now and this is the result of these powerful shifts we are moving through, so remember your routines of self care and turn to them. Be gentle with yourself, know levity follows difficulty, the universe isn’t punishing us through transformation but rather unleveling us to grow and be more radiant in our light. We are diamonds being shined through pressure and growth. Let your life birth the light you have become through all of your transformations.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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