Super New Moon Total Solar Eclipse Week Begins Eclipse Season

We start this week off with a Super New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on the 2nd in the sign of Cancer. Eclipses are cosmic wild cards and can shift our lives in many ways, bringing endings and beginnings and radical transformation. This week begins the eclipse season where we will navigate these waves of change through the entire month of July to transform us on a very deep level to be ready for a big new era in our lives.

You may have already been noticing the speed of life changing for several weeks now and many are going through challenges and soul searching at the moment. There will be peaks and valleys of life experiences right now, riding through ways of excitement and also difficulties of something that is challenging or bringing something to completion.

Eclipses are culmination points and we may even find that we have one foot in the past and one foot toward our future, leaving the old behind in anticipation of the new. This culmination can complete relationships, chapters, projects, long standing issues and also move us toward what feels better aligned for our lives moving forward. This time period will reveal what you feel resonant with and what you want to be surrounded by and what you don’t. It invites us to move forward what we truly want in our lives.

A Solar Eclipse is all about new beginnings and we start the season with this new beginning. However we have to realize that we need to let go of certain aspects of life in order to move through this doorway, and not everything in our current situation will join us on the other side of this doorway. With this eclipse in the sign of Cancer, Cancer is all about the emotions and the water element, so you may find some rather heavy emotions surfacing through this period with endings and beginnings. However know we are moving toward a very large doorway opening. Come the end of July, life will look like a totally different landscape but this is a necessary passage.

We also have Mercury Retrograde joining the eclipse season, so our communications and flow of life may feel very foggy and not as smooth as we would like. But it is perfect as it invites inner reflection and reviewing, going within to reassess.


Be patient with yourselves and others as we all move through July. Find deep appreciation for the small and large gifts in your life. You are stronger than you think and deep breaths can go a long way. Self care is your ally. There is nothing to fear, sometimes we have more potent times of transformation in order to bump us up to a new level and experience. This a birth period and you will be reborn.

Artwork~ Unknown Artist

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