Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Culmination, Integration and Rebirth

I missed you all for the update last week but had to tend to some family matters back east. It’s been a wild eclipse season so far, how are you all doing out there in this powerful month of July?

We have our final eclipse of the eclipse season this week on Tuesday the 16th, there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. This completes eclipse season and Lunar Eclipses are all about culmination. The energy has been building all month, so this next eclipse will feel like a very big shift, a giant pressure valve release point. This has been a pretty heavy eclipse month and we have worked through a lot of challenging emotions and suppressed issues over the course of the last several weeks. As the first eclipse kicked up the dust in our lives and shook loose some outworn energy, we needed to release this to better align with who we have become. As the universe supported us through this process, we were invited to let go of this dead weight. But with letting go, may come difficult and raw emotions and many perspective shifts. This may not have been an easy time but a necessary one. We had to sweep away any stuck energy in order to rebirth our lives and regenerate ourselves into a new form. If life has felt chaotic, remind yourself that these eclipses have been working their magic in all of our lives through this entire month. We have been doing our best to find balance amidst the storm of their wake and learn the lessons we are being taught through them.

There has also been a lot of triggering and mirroring occurring in our relationships, family connections and our own personal space. With this has brought a lot of ancestral healing as well. This can touch upon some fragile family karma that may not be comfortable but when we consciously bring awareness to family healing, we help shift this for our entire family.


You may have felt exhausted throughout this entire month and a bit foggy and not like yourself. As the dust was kicked up in our lives, our emotions, our energy fields and our bodies were adjusting. As we integrate all of this, we will be finding our footing once again and a return to balance as the pieces of our lives fall into a new pattern more suited for who we have become. Nurture your body during tis time as we’ve been through a cosmic car wash. Lots of water, rest, sea salt baths to cleanse your energy and light eating of fresh fruits and vegetables. Allow integration, as we set ourselves up for a beautiful expansion of new beginnings in the months to come.

Artwork~ Scott Falco

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