Integration, Recalibration and Lightness Ahead

As we are nearing the end of this wildly transformative month, July has been one for the books! All of our lives have been touched by this powerful month and Eclipse season. As we continue to integrate the second eclipse and the lessons from the entire month. We are recalibrating not only emotionally and energetically but physically as well. We are moving into Leo season today and this lifts the weight of what we have gone through and brings some more levity back into our lives. However, so much was unearthed and within the heavy water sign of Cancer this month, this added a weight to the emotional edge of what was being dredged up throughout the entire month.

Insecurities have been unearthed around this last eclipse related to our path, self worth, finances and testing our will and even resources. This was one of the most potent eclipse seasons ever, it had us focusing on very very deep core patterns and getting to the ultimate root of them, pulling them up by the root, looking at them head on in order to embrace them and transform them. With many retrograde planets this month and mercury back tracking, this put an added element to the introspection and inward stationary energy of going within to process. Mercury even made it rather challenging to communicate the emotions that were coming up to be seen. Even if shifts were subtle for you this month, they moved into layers of your life in ways that will ripple out for the remainder of the year. We have released some outworn energy from our lives, what was no longer working for us. This has been prep for our mastery, to create more space to stand more fully in our truth.

August will be a sigh of relief, so allow yourself some time to rest, as you open your eyes with a new awareness of what you have learned and all that has transpired. Forward movement is coming and you made it through one of the toughest months of this year.


If your physical and emotional well being has been rather up and down this month, this is part of the integration of the month, be patient as you find your footing again. Listen to what your body needs and allow yourself to consider that each day, if not each hour may be a different need from the next. In your symbiotic dance with your own healing, be your greatest ally.

Artwork~ Jessica Perlstein

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